Honora Foah is a multimedia artist interested in direct experience, intense observation and science. She is the President of Mythic Imagination Institute and Creative Director of the production company, Visioneering International, a principal of difference design lab, as well as serving on the board of AVA.

In 2014, a multimedia opera she created and directed, The Birth of Color: A Marriage of Darkness and Light was recorded in Budapest with a full stage production to follow. This piece is the first in a 7 part performance cycle called Recombinant DNA. It explores through 7 different love stories, the essential forces of life and creation. The idea that ‘Art is science made clear,’ (Jean Cocteau) is a driving force in her approach.

She was co-artistic director of the dance theatre company, Schene-Hill Dancing in New York City. She was Chief Designer and Producer of two World Expo pavilions for the United Nations as well as creating exhibitions for the Fernbank Science Museum, the Sandler-Hudson Gallery and video art installations in several children’s hospitals. For the last six years, she and her husband Dahlan Foah, in conjunction with the work of Francesco Lotoro, have developed a project called Creativity in Captivity. It’s major activity is producing and directing narrated concerts of music written in the concentration camps or other captivities. She was a writer, story developer and friend for the film Banaz, A Love Story, which won Peabody and Emmy awards for Best Documentary.

Ms Foah is working on a book about taste exploring the multi-valent experiences and metaphors of the six tastes: sweet, salty, bitter, sour, pungent and astringent.

She will probably die of terminal curiosity.

About Mythic Imagination Institute

In 2003, Ms Foah began work on Mythic Journeys, a performance festival and conference of extraordinary scope.  Bringing together more than 150 presenters, speakers, artists and performers, Mythic Journeys uses the great archetypal stories, sacred traditions, folk wisdom and tales as a ground from which new art in consonance with interdisciplinary conversation can create a context for contemporary events.  Psychologists, scientists, poets, scholars, politicians, business people, artists and musicians bring their expertise and creativity to bear on the experiences and issues of our time.  It is an approach both deeply respectful and knowledgeable of tradition, and iconoclastic, recognizing, ‘You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it.  You must learn to see the world anew.’ (Albert Einstein)  The rich interaction included many wise hearts and brilliant minds ranging from poet Coleman Barks to Chief Jake Swamp, from Deepak Chopra to Joyce Carol Oates, Lorin Hollander to Sobonfu Some, James Hillman to Chungliang Al Huang.

In 2005, Mythic Journeys was the subject of a two-hour documentary on National Public Radio.

Mythic Journeys is a production of the Mythic Imagination Institute which also produces an online magazine, educational programs, podcasts and other events, most notably in 2010, Testaments of the Heart, the first in MII’s Creativity in Captivity series.  Mythic Imagination has also produced The Human Forum conference for The Alliance for a New Humanity, of which Ms Foah is an advisory board member.  In the spring of 2010, a feature film about Mythic Journeys was released.







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  1. I’d love to contact you folks at myth honora and mythic imagination, but no one has a contact form. If you are out there, please contact me. My email should be visible to you, but if not, you could use the contact form at http://inroadsonline.com. Thanks.

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