It’s getting dark out there. Shorter days and though I enjoy the morning light being color corrected, sundown comes as shock often before I can take an evening walk. I am thankful for the relief of returning from the too light side. Daylight savings time is just one more way to misalign ourselves away from the frequencies that keep us in balance. Noon when the sun is straight overhead is what? too logical? too close to earth rhythm? Too good for our equilibrium?

As a general question, who benefits from our always being off balance?

It’s getting darker out there. In the USA, white people are about to be the minority and our darker brothers and sisters become stronger. In Europe the far right is growing mainly in response to the melanin-rich.

One of the questions I had when I set out to write and create, The Birth of Color, A Marriage of Darkness and Light was a desire to explore the geographies of Darkness and Light. The entrenched picture of light – good, dark – bad doesn’t begin to describe the beauty and complexity of it. Don’t sleep for a couple of days and the wisdom of darkness will become apparent. Surgical light probably won’t do a lot for your sex life. Over-rationality leads to Frankensteinian data points of light algorithmic control by the borg.

As dazzling and beautiful as light is, I wanted to explore the larger geographies of both, the good and bad, the positive and negative frequencies, of both darkness and light as vast realms of qualities and experiences, especially the darkness, whose wonder, mystery and beauty is often neglected.

Here are the words, written by poet David Brendan Hopes to the song Dark in the Frequency Opera, The Birth of Color, a Marriage of Darkness and Light.

The night pearl among the pearls

What came before comes at the end

which also is before

the last gate before

the time coming.
The cleansing sorrow.

Convulsion of joy.

Dark of the One’s Dream


and here is the song





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