hope is a thing with tiles

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I admit to a prevailing hopelessness lately about the state of the world. The wind blows better some days, but the news is pretty unmitigatedly bad, in the sense of people acting from their worst instincts and fears, whipped along by a level of cynicism and yeah, wickedness, from people with power, that can be discouraging. The antidote to discouragement is encouragement, which at core is courage. One of the most helpful things for courage is wind in the lungs from hope – and I often find that in beauty.

I see the thing and my breath comes in deeply and then hope and courage follow. In that spirit I’d like to share this from Iranian photographer Mohammad Reza Domiri. Large swaths of the Muslim world are going through a bad patch and it’s good to remember that they, and we, have had better days, which we are capable of having again.

Here is the remarkable photo-essay:

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