you are what you eat

The responses to the two projects Dahlan and I have been working on this summer have been intense and sort of surprising. It’s only surprising I guess because for a long time now, I just make things as best I can and follow the will of the thing and try to get it right and that is so consuming that when the responses happen, it’s a shock to realize Oh! this is happening in public, people are listening… Anyway, more than a few people who participated or listened to and watched the recording of The Birth of Color and the development and performance of the Puebla, Mexico Creativity in Captivity spoke of them as transformative experiences. That was amazing, glad.

When I say ‘to get it right’, I mean something very specific about accuracy. Technical accuracy and spiritual accuracy. The effort is made because we are what we eat. I found this charming film by the Paris production house chezeddy, when I was looking for any possibility of a truly erotic movie, not porn and not soft-core porn and not girly-stuff porn. For some reason this piece was in the mix. Somehow there’s some poetic justice in that. It seems a lot of people don’t take seriously that we consume art.

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