been in budapest

A strange and beautiful city, people struggling through the rubble of empire and communism, quite going about their business, quite a part of everything and yet, apart, if for no other reason than their language is hermetically sealed off from everyone else, not Romantic, not Indo-European, not anything of this world. It’s supposed to be related to Finnish but no one from either language group says they can remotely understand each other.

That splendid Parliament on the Danube, the largest in Europe, is now the house of one small chamber – but man is it good looking. We went to Buda and to Pest searching for some of the best singers in the world – and found them, eating goulash and pizza, with iPhones and Palinka at the ready. These were the singers trained at the Zoltan Kodaly Institute. Amazing. Amazing.

So, we are well begun with recording the music from The Birth of Color, A Marriage of Darkness and Light. Here’s an intro by the incomparable Harlan Coburn with some history by lyricist and poet, David Brendan Hopes, an extraordinary man who gets to the heart of the matter, and shots of composer Lucio Ivaldi in action.


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