You and I are alive at the moment when the most profound change in human culture is cracking the floor beneath out feet.





Much more profound than the internet, space travel, even reading or the wheel, it is a change that challenges every part of life. The shift is something that is beginning to free up more power, imagination, pleasure and capacity than cars and machinery  and electronics ever have.

What is it?


It is the entry into the public sphere and the balancing of power of women alongside men. This is new, very very very new. Why is it so profound? Well, it happens from the level of culture but penetrates biology. It disrupts basic cultural and psychological ground. It frees the contributions of half of the human race, and so opens the entire human race into the areas for which an individual is best suited. It will eventually change every institution and structure we have. One reason that it is so monumentally stupid to perpetuate privilege is that the cures for AIDS and cancer, for environmental degradation and energy production will be found more quickly and with better results when everyone of every race and gender is working on it. The changes will be more and stronger than any other parity. This is because men and women are different. They are much more different than black and white and brown and green and all are from each other. Men and women. Different.

So, just where the body meets the soul, just talking biology – there are species in our line – the primates – where the female is dominant. Bonobos and lemurs. Lemurs, I’m not sure how it goes (though those babies sure can jump) but with bonobos, it seems a pretty direct link that unlike the male dominated chimpanzee (bonobos are a kind of chimp) social tension is primarily dealt with through sex instead of violence. (So listen, guys, things could be looking up). But I’m not talking about dominance, I’m talking about true power balance.

This has been made possible by effective and widely available birth control. Effective and widely available birth control is also the only non-violent way we will make it to the 22nd century. That is why people who do not want women’s equality also usually do not want birth control, or apparently, to make it to the 22nd century with science intact.

Aggression and sociability are positively correlated with creativity. We don’t want to drum that out, we need to put it in harness as best as possible. I so wish people could see the purposes of bacchanalia, wrestling, sport, wild sexuality. We need competitiveness, tension, daring, aggression, fierceness, physical power. We need maleness and we need men. What men need is to fucking relax.  Jesus, how insecure are you ? What men need is women. You need our brains, you need our different sensibilities, you need our motherliness, you need our caution and our fierceness, you need our love. You need sex, you need beauty, you need intelligence, you need someone to make a family with. You need comfort, you need challenge. So shut up about what you are losing. How bad could it be in bonobo-land?



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