The transfiguration of matter occurs through wonder

Passage by Cornelia Conrads

Cornelia Konrads Passage

James Hillman said that. His friend, the artist George Quasha, has spent a lot of time balancing stones. He balances them, no mortar, no glue, just balance. Cornelia Konrad’s work often allows us to glimpse the lightness of being that exists in all things. James Turrell explores radiance itself. Andy Goldsworthy’s labors delight us over and over by breaking open the matter he works with until we see the spirit inside. In a sense, wonder is our job, the human contribution to the natural world.

When we speak of the transfiguration of Jesus, it refers to a specific event, where he went up onto a mountaintop and suddenly ‘His face shone like the sun and his clothes became white.’ The essence of transfiguration is this radiance, the spiritual fire becoming visible. All things possess this radiance. It is the opening of our perception of it, the dilation of our hearts and spirits that make it known.

Releasing knowingness, but not knowledge, and being willing to wonder, allow us to experience nature’s radiant heart.

George Quasha Axial Stones 4

George Quasha Axial Stones 4

Andy Goldworthy Torn Stone

Andy Goldworthy Torn Stone

Andy Goldworthy Snow Cricles

Andy Goldsworthy Snow Circles

James Turrell Roden's Crater

James Turrell Roden Crater

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