small dicks

GEORGIA-master675It’s something I didn’t expect to see so close up.  A sort of recreation of the forces that created the Third Reich. In Georgia, we have a new law signed by the governor yesterday that allows guns in schools, churches, McDonalds, in Target (pre-cognitively good name, guys), in the laundramat, hey, in bars – how great of an idea is that, boyz?

I spend a lot of time in working on Creativity in Captivity thinking about and reading about Nazis. It leads me to think about the creation of nazis. My rage at the wickedness of these Georgia legislators and the governor is made worse and better by a bone-deep understanding of the helplessness these people experience within the emptiness of their souls and their pants.

For some reason, there is nothing on this earth as crushing as humiliation. And there is nothing more likely to lead to violence. The men in this picture, in attempting to remedy the situation do not even realize that they may as well be holding a sign over their heads that says, ‘Pitifully Endowed’. Look at their faces. Does this look like a frat party or what? Make no mistake, I take nazis seriously, I take the underlying inadequacy of them seriously, one, because they’re dangerous and two, because even nazis are human beings and the emptiness inside them, the fear, the inadequacy, is a suffering I wish they could be properly comforted from and healed of, for their own sakes, as well as everyone else’s. This is the source of such evil. It takes every ounce of strength to find compassion for them.

Here is Evelin Lindner who was an important part of the Banaz, A Love Story film. Her work on human dignity and humiliation is an opening through the cycles of violence and revenge.


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