rhythm of the saints

Different rhythms create parallel universes. Most of the tiny things that make the world go round – plants, fungi, sponges, corals, plankton and microorganisms that make the oxygen and soil and food, do so in a timeframe that is hard for us to witness. Here, Daniel Stoupin has time-lapsed and sped up the visual process, so humans can see the activity of the species that make life on earth possible. Breathing to a different beat than they do, we can’t normally  appreciate their work.

A long time ago, Dahlan and I worked on a show that was part of the United Nations Pavilion that we did for the World’s Fair in Genoa, Italy called The Seven Underwater Wonders of the World. The beauty of the images, for which we created a 260 degree surround theatre with 60 slide projectors which animated the most amazing underwater photographs, were meant as an enticement to wonder and protection, since much of the world’s coral reef and gorgeous creepy improbable life is endangered.

As an artist, I work with such intensity on my projects, I look at other people’s work, whether Rembrandt or Gehry with admiration and enthusiasm, but when I see what Mama can do, dude! our little masterworks seem quaint.

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