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small dicks

It’s something I didn’t expect to see so close up.  A sort of recreation of the forces that created the Third Reich. In Georgia, we have a new law signed by the governor yesterday that allows guns in schools, churches, … Continue reading

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Give the gift of grief. Allow it. In the Grunewald altar piece, one of humanity’s great works of art, at the crucifixion of Christ, Mary Magdalen looks like a melting candle, her sorrow has turned her molten and she has … Continue reading

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tragedy is inevitable. style is not.

wisteria and nazis was about tragedy as an antidote to fear of failure and respect for the Big, for fate and for fortune. What are the antidotes to tragedy? The response of these guys just puts a grin on my face. … Continue reading

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wisteria, lilacs, nazis

The wisteria are subsumed in an aura of bees, absolutely balmy with intoxication. I sympathize with them. The perfume is so strong it crowds out other thoughts, even damaging motor control. The beauty and exuberance of spring are often the … Continue reading

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rhythm of the saints

Different rhythms create parallel universes. Most of the tiny things that make the world go round – plants, fungi, sponges, corals, plankton and microorganisms that make the oxygen and soil and food, do so in a timeframe that is hard … Continue reading

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