in water one sees one’s own face; but in wine, one beholds the heart of another


It is time to  begin preparations for spring and my thoughts turn to the practices of intoxication. Take in just enough of what could kill you in quantity, to outsmart the watching brain, the Cerebrus that guards the heart and keeps out the lovers at the threshold, be they gods or men, women, willow, or wolf. His name even starts with the same prefix as cerebrum and cerebellum. Three-headed guardian, it is time to soften your bite with wine and allow the Dionysians to overrun the kingdom.

Bring in the wine!
Let your cups never rest!
Let me sing you a song!
Let your ears attend!
What are bell and drum, rare dishes and treasure?
Let me be forever drunk and never come to reason!
Sober men of olden days and sages are forgotten,
And only the great drinkers are famous for all time.
… Prince Chen at a banquet in the Palace of Perfection paid
Ten thousand coins for a cask of wine, with many a jest and a laugh.
Why say, my host, that your money is gone?
Go and buy wine and we’ll drink it together!
My flower-dappled horse,
My furs worth a thousand,
Hand them to the boy to exchange for good wine,
And we’ll drown away the woes of ten thousand generations!

– Li Bai

Washing away the sorrows of generations because when the guard dog sleeps, the universe rushes in. Rumi says, reason is powerless in the expression of love, and just so spring is come to grace us with perfume and pollen, with sun, with every green thing shooting, with the animals, even my sweet old dog galavanting around the yard barking at nothing and rolling rubbing on the grass. Primavera, released from the underworld, trailing clouds of intoxication, reminds us of love. My wish for you, friend, is that mr cummings description, becomes a description of you:

his lips drink water, but his heart drinks wine.

― ee cummings

In water one sees one’s own face; but in wine, one beholds the heart of another – French proverb

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