ear to the heart

LalitavistaraDeva listening to Dhamma photo: Anandajoti

LalitavistaraDeva listening to Dhamma.   photo: Anandajoti

From the eye to the mind, from the ear to the heart.  Medieval saying

A woman I know was having trouble in her marriage. She asked if I had any intuition about it.  The response that came to me was, Let her have a throat of honey. 

Through our voices of honey or vinegar and our song and the screeches and burblings of the world,  the heart finds the news it is seeking. The violoncello speaks directly through frequency into the caverns of the heart that echo sympathetically – or experience the intrusion as a frantic wild bird caught and beating against the walls of our insides to get out.

To listen is to make oneself vulnerable to. There is a whole world of direct communication that happens through resonance. Music expresses that which can not be said and on which it is impossible to be silent. said Victor Hugo, and it is the music of our voices as well, that guide us toward and away, before thought, before ‘sense’.

When the appropriate resonance is joined to sense, the heart opens spontaneously.

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