less dumb

I have found some really fun stuff coming from this fella, David McRaney. This is a video for his book, You Are Now Less Dumb. As a big advocate of less dumbness and a science groupie and a fellow traveler of the method: “science keeps you from becoming too attached to your assumptions by subjecting them to as much abuse as possible”. You will notice in the video that when the truth is revealed it is by blasting MYTH to smithereens with a laser gun.

I accept that at this time, it is a hopeless cause to get people, even people like David McRaney, to understand how important and productive myth-making is, but he seems clear, at any rate, that it is inevitable.  He talks about it a lot on his blog http://youarenotsosmart.com

Blasting assumptions with ray-guns, though, that is awesome.


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