once harm has been done, even a fool understands it

Homer said that. One longs for Prometheus, eh? Pro : fore, Prometheus is foresight, the god who got us fire, knowing we would need it. Knowing he’d have his liver eaten out for providing it. Foresight is a hero, my friends.

“O you bright sky of heaven,
you swift-winged breezes,
you river-waters,
and infinite laughter of the waves of ocean,
O universal mother Earth ,
and you, all-seeing orb of the sun,
to you I call!
See what I, a god, endure from the gods.”
from Prometheus Bound by Aeschylus

What is it that eats out his liver every day? The eagle, perception, farsight, again. It does eat out the liver, doesn’t it. When it will take harm being done before the fools see it, foresight is pleading, please do something now, do the right thing now. But they don’t, so you eat out your liver every day waiting for the axe – or deliverance.

(Prometheus was bound, shall I mention? on the Caucasus, that is, Chechnya)



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