hope in the place i wouldn’t look

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I spent a lot of time writing a post on Wednesday about freedom and stories and meaning and Aaron Schwartz and the Boston Marathon bombs and maybe I’ll post it in a few days. Something about it is bothering me and I think what it might be is that even though it’s about imagination as hope, today I just want to experience a little hope – which is why I want to connect with legislative imagination. It seems that Republican delegate from West Virginia Ray Canterbury, has introduced a bill to make Science Fiction a mandatory element of the school curriculum.

While Mr Canterbury is mainly concerned with stimulating interest in math and science, a worthy goal, I’m pretty stimulated by young people knowing that we are the world, that collectively we made all this up and we can unmake, remake what we will, what we can.

Also, the legislative news is so bleak, so cynical, so wicked that Ray Canterbury has become my hero of government sanity.



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