Gyorgy Sebok

My brother, Daniel Schene is a wonderful concert pianist with an extraordinary touch and an almost pathological retreat from public life. Nevertheless, if you get a chance to hear him – he does occasionally tour – don’t miss it. Daniel was a student of the incomparable Gyogy Sebok, a Hungarian pianist who was locked in a concentration camp during World War 2.  He survived, but as he explains in this video, there is a price for survival, for what it takes to get through an ordeal of that magnitude. After the war he began to “suffer from not suffering.”

I feel the need to shut up in the face of something of that is essentially unspeakable, so I am grateful that here Sebok does not. His ordeal has brought him a generosity. He seems to be saying, that he had to find this generosity in order to survive the peace that followed the war. For myself, I have found Katherine Mansfield’s point of view the road to my own survival:

Everything in life that we really accept undergoes a change. So suffering must become Love. That is the mystery.  – Katherine Mansfield

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