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Gyorgy Sebok

My brother, Daniel Schene is a wonderful concert pianist with an extraordinary touch and an almost pathological retreat from public life. Nevertheless, if you get a chance to hear him – he does occasionally tour – don’t miss it. Daniel … Continue reading

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more choreography

Be Alive Be Alove Be Alive This is Jordon Matters Dancers Among Us project. Video: buy this book:

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we want school

Students, or people hoping to be students, have been protesting in downtown Santiago, Chile for educational reform.  They know the value of both education and choreography.

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more than meets the eye

There’s more than an election going on.  Every evening the sun is setting amidst backlit color to awaken heart and soul and every morning the dew covers the ground with crystal. Go vote, participate in this most necessary and wretched … Continue reading

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