In the Line of Fire

Guns-and-Roses-Part-1AFAE5The new Mythic Imagination Magazine that we are putting together is called Guns and Roses.  As I write this the morning after the shootings at the Sikh Temple and two weeks after the Aurora shootings, it is beyond discouraging to know how timely our choice has turned out to be.

It is impossible to stem violence without acknowledging how much we love it. I’m not accusing anybody and I’m not exempting anybody.

Recently, there have been many new discoveries about the Neanderthal people.  While the reason for their demise as a species is still officially unsolved, there seems to be little doubt as to the cause – we showed up.

It appears that we, homo sapien sapiens, are the creative ones who invented art, the restless ones who traveled everywhere while they did not, and we are also the deadly ones, so that on the earth, they are not. Extinct, as we say, as are so many other of our fellow creatures.

There is speculation among DNA researchers from the results of preliminary research, that the coding for our creativity is entwined with the coding for our violence. More than one artist has stated directly that if he wasn’t an artist, he would be a criminal.  The creativity involved in making weapons would be glorious if it wasn’t so sick.

And it is sick.  If we are coded for violence – AND WE ARE – then denial of that is our first sickness. Failure to deal with ourselves as the pit bull, is also sick – and lazy and cruel. Left unattended these killings will happen over and over and over and over and over. I DO NOT WANT MY CHILDREN IN THE LINE OF FIRE.

Guns and Roses will come out at the end of September. It features some strong insight and suggestions about violence and love from James Hillman, Jean Houston and Deepak Chopra. Here’s The Subject Was Roses, the current issue:

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