Love in the Time of Cholera

I was thinking about calling the blog Love In The Time Of Cholera.  It isn’t overly practical.  How will people find me?  Too metaphorical?  But mostly this lovely phrase is the brainchild of Gabriel Garcia Marquez and he deserves to have it in peace.  Nevertheless, it’s what I mean.

‘Death is life’s best invention,’ Steve Jobs said.  Harsh, and probably not what he was feeling as he fought his cancer, but goddammit, true.

We are required to live in the midst of epidemic catastrophe and knowledge of our own end point.  The question is how do we live.  The question is not about death and we can only do so much about the catastrophe – and we should do whatever we can about the catastrophe – but the main thing is not to focus on either of those things.  They are the environment.  Love is the answer.

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